Often in life we find ourselves wondering how we can make an IMPACT. Some people long to make an impact on foreign soil, while others prefer to help in a local way. Now, you don’t have to choose! A Hero's Impact and The Gateway Housing Project has a way for you to do both!

We are excited to announce The Gateway Housing Project's new housing restoration project. In partnership with a large commercial bank, The Gateway Housing Project is honored to be the free and clear owner of local homes in our area that are in need of a little TLC. The project is simple: the bank provides the homes and we provide the restoration. This new endeavor has great potential to impact many lives and the communities around us.  On January 30th we signed paperwork for our first home located in Alton, Illinois. Once this home is finished, the bank will continue to give us more homes.

In the beginning we will be rehabilitating these homes and selling them below market value to help families fulfill their dream of owning their own home. In the future and as the program progresses, we hope to keep some of the homes for outreach purposes. We have many ideas of how The Gateway Housing Project and A Hero's Impact can use these homes to IMPACT our community.

The budget for the restoration of this first home will be $36,000. We have already been given a $10,000 donation towards the project and are able to save on the additional costs by receiving donations from corporations and individuals within the community.

Since we at A Hero's Impact are constantly mission-minded, we will be setting aside a portion of the proceeds of each home to send to the Central Youth Outreach in La Ceiba, Honduras. Starting with the youth while reaching adults, the Central Youth Outreach helps teach morals and values in Central America in schools, over television and other multimedia. Imagine how this outreach would greatly increase through extra funding!

Here’s how you can help:

1)    Monetary Donations – any amount is appreciated!

2)  Volunteer Time – Yard Work, Demolition, painting, and more is a vital need.

3)  Tell Others – Do you know someone with a construction business who would like to partner with us? Let them know!

Through Gateway Housing Projects we are able to help our local community as well as the outreach in Honduras. If you are interested in making an impact, please contact Christy and she will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

Christina Scott

Gateway Housing Project


For more information about the Central Youth Outreach please visit HERE.

    •    If you would like to make a direct monetary gift, please donate below: