Project Hero

Project Hero is a whimsical and exciting day that brings a Hero’s courage to children and families during hospital stays.  Project Hero can bring hope and meaning to children hospitalized and feeling like they are missing out on home life. Every day, even when hospitalized they can be a hero with us.

In our Project Hero deliveries; we have a special Hero gift that includes Special Hero Cape, Hero Certificate, and a Hero Creed to transform any ordinary child into a Hero extraordinaire able to overcome anything in their way!  We also have awesome T-Shirts and Hero dog tags for older kids and teens and hero blankets for our baby heroes.  These items come in a special bright red box and tied up with a bow to add to the excitement of a special gift!  We give them opportunities to select what super powers they would like to have, and various secret missions and secret identities that they want as their new hero personage.

We bring in a couple of our awesome super hero helpers to pass out hero gear directly to the children.  We even offer quick Hero pictures with a super hero, that we can take right in kids rooms with permission of the parents.  These photos are a great thing and kids love to see their faces on the body of a strong super hero body.  It helps them know that they can do anything and are now part of a league of real heroes!!